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GOT7’s Jackson to be in “Hello! Stranger” Chuseok Special!

GOT7’s Jackson will be appearing on the Chuseok special of Hello! Stranger.

The special, which will air on September 8th at 6:15PM KST, will feature an all-foreign cast and their take on Korean culture.

Jackson and the rest of the foreign cast will be spending 1 night and 2 days in Kim Kwang Kyu’s house.

There, they will bond with each other and create a list of things they would like to do in South Korea.

GOT7 Jackson to be featured in Hello Stranger Chuseok Special

Not only will the cast be following through with their Korean to-do list, they will also be having discussions on how they adjusted to life in South Korea.

Jackson is so lively in the preview of the special! His reactions are just golden.

And as an extra treat for all of us iGOT7’s, Jackson will be in a sauna scene with the rest of the guys, wearing only a towel!

We’re going to have to watch this Chuseok special, if only for that scene.

Jackson is said to also have a cute, father-son-like relationship with Kim Kwang Kyu, due to Jackson being the maknae of the group and Kim Kwang Kyu being the father figure.

Be sure to tune in in a couple of days to watch the Hello! Stranger Chuseok special featuring GOT7’s Jackson.

Also check out the preview below!

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