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GOT7’s Jackson injured his ankle on “Let’s Go Dream Team” set

Newsen has reported that GOT7’s Jackson has injured one of his ankles while filming for “Let’s Go Dream Team“.

He was taken to the hospital where he was fitted for a cast. He’ll have to wear the cast for at least a week to heal.

It’s been less than a year since his last ankle injury, we hope this won’t be a common occurrence for Jackson.

This also comes at a terrible time, seeing as GOT7’s comeback for “Mad” is less than two weeks away.

Got7 Jackson injures ankle on lets go dream team

Reports are saying that Jackson will be wearing the walking cast, so at least he’ll still be able to get around without needing a wheelchair or crutches.

We hope that Jackson gets well soon and that he stays accident free from here on out.

The boys of GOT7 are preparing for their comeback “Mad”. The music video for “Mad” will be released on September 29th  at midnight KST along with GOT7’s new mini-album “Just Right“.

We’re hoping that GOT7’s comeback track will be dark and charismatic. Maybe this time around, they’ll be taking home some music trophies!

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