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GOT7’s Jr. is infected with the H1N1 form of Influenza

It looks like GOT7’s BamBam isn’t the only member who has been feeling under-the-weather.

GOT7’s Jr. has just been infected with the H1N1 form of influenza, making him unable to fulfill his schedule on SBS MTV’s “The Show”.

He is currently undergoing treatment for his illness.

Hopefully he’ll get well soon, and in time for future schedules.

GOT7's Jr suffers from a new form of influenza

GOT7 just debuted a couple of weeks ago, so it’s no surprise that their new, hectic idol schedules are taking a toll on their health.

They’ve stated in an interview that when they were trainees, they would train 12 hours a day. Now that they’re idols, I would imagine that they work even more hours than that, and only manage to get in 3-4 hours of sleep.

Hopefully Jr. well be able to get some rest so that he can recover faster.

The other members of GOT7 should be sure to take their vitamins and drink plenty of fluids, or else they’ll catch a sickness as well.

Get better soon Jr.!

Source: GOT7_JYP

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