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Hansol rumored to have left NCT and SM Entertainment

Say it ain’t so.

After years of being locked away, it seems that Hansol has finally escaped SM Entertainment’s dungeon.

At least that’s what it appears to have happened.

Fans have been suspecting that this is the case for the following reasons:

  1. He has his own Instagram account now, which you can follow here:
    1. As you know, SM Entertainment rookies aren’t allowed to have social media accounts. From what we’ve seen from other celebrity social media accounts, SNS can be a huge PR mess when celebrities post messages or pictures without thinking things through. SM doesn’t want their rookies to risk their reputations before they have developed a loyal fanbase. 
  2. He isn’t being added to NCT 127’s comeback this time around.
  3. His sister has unfollowed SMROOKIES and several NCT accounts on Instagram.
  4. He’s the oldest member of NCT, yet he still hasn’t debuted.
  5. Many of his fansites are shutting down.
  6. He hasn’t been featured in any of SM Entertainment’s posts for NCT for a while. His last sighting was in March with NCT’s managers, so either he left recently, or maybe, just maybe, he’s still with NCT.

While we hope he’s still  with SM Entertainment, because we’ve been looking forward to his debut for the LONGEST time, we will still show our support for him even if he did decide to pursue another venture.


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