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Happy Camp has released a preview of their EXO episode!


Happy Camp has just released a preview of their EXO episode!

The episode, which is set to broadcast on July 5th, will be an amazing show.

EXO will kick things off by trying to build various human pyramids, and then they’ll show us a sneak peak of their dorm life!

We’ll finally get a real inside look at how EXO lives.

Happy Camp releases a preview for their EXO episode

Not only that, but the EXO members will reveal some private things about each other that we’re sure will have fans excited and quivering with laughter.

Of course, this is also going to be a sad episode for EXO fans because Kris isn’t present.

Honestly, we know it’s not going to have the same feel as EXO’s previous Happy Camp appearances, but we’re still going to enjoy it anyways.

We’re sure that they’ll touch upon that subject during the episode as well.

It’s also very reassuring to see so many Chinese fans still supporting EXO without Kris! Things were a little iffy there when the Chinese EXOtics split apart and took different sides.

It looks like there are still a lot of Chinese fans supportive of EXO.

Watch the preview of the July 5th, 2014 Happy Camp episode below, English subbed!

  1. Melly~ says

    OMO >< what Yixing said made me cry so hard :'( we are always behind u EXO! Stay strong! EXO saranghaja!

  2. Jackie Diep says

    I can’t wait for this episode to come out! I hope they put ENG SUB on it quickly

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