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Has SM Entertainment been limiting Luhan’s activities?

So according to Luhanqt, a fan account stanning EXO’s Luhan, SM Entertainment has been restricting Luhan’s activities for quite some time now.

Apparently 1 Night 2 Days in China wanted to sign Luhan up to participate on their show, but SM Entertainment denied their request due to Luhan’s busy schedule (concerts, album-recording, etc).

Not only that, but Shanghai-Oriental TV’s “Immortal Song” was rumored to be a solo activity for Luhan, which SM Entertainment turned into a group activity (which is actually best for EXO-M as a whole).

I can understand both cases, especially the Immortal Song situation. While we all love Luhan, we know that he doesn’t have powerhouse vocals. So it’s best to have Lay, Chen, and Xiumin there with him on stage to give him extra support.

Other than those two cases, SM Entertainment has apparently also denied Luhan from participating in a drama, 2 other shows, and an endorsement deal.

Has SM Entertainment been limiting Luhan's activities

Fans have been speculating as to why SM Entertainment would be doing this to Luhan. Some say that this is exactly like Hangeng’s situation with SM Entertainment. One thing that I would like to point out is that all of this information is a bit suspect… Hangeng’s manager just released a statement yesterday regarding all of the troubles SM Entertainment put Hangeng through, so it’s suspicious that suddenly this rumor about Luhan is starting to spread around.

Fans believe that Luhan’s situation isn’t like Hangeng’s at all, and that SM Entertainment is really looking out for his and the EXO’s best interest. Since EXO is still a rookie group, SM Entertainment probably doesn’t want to promote solo activities within the group just yet. The company would want to solidify the group as a whole first. We wouldn’t want the whole Suzy/Miss A or Hyuna/4Minute situation to happen to EXO.

The reason I’m writing this article, however, despite Luhanqt’s information still being regarded as a rumor, is because I do wonder why EXO-M hasn’t gotten their own set of endorsements yet. We see EXO-K endorsing their own brands, but we don’t see EXO-M doing the same in China. As we know, in the idol world, endorsements are one of the primary ways idols make money.

Has SM Entertainment been limiting Luhan's activities 1

So yeah, I would love to see SM Entertainment sign EXO-M up to do endorsement deals on their own. If EXO-K gets their own opportunities, EXO-M should as well.

However, with regards to speculation that SM Entertainment is purposely limiting its Chinese members’ activities, I will have to say that that’s untrue.

I mean just recently, EXO-M’s Kris and Tao had their own gig on “Let’s Go Dream Team”. Before that, Tao was featured on MBC’s Star Diving Splash. And Xiumin (even though he’s Korean, he’s still part of EXO-M) just filmed an MV (on his own) for Nell. SM Entertainment gives EXO-M plenty of activities to work on. I’m sure Luhan will get his own personal activities too (as long as they’re in Korea and not far away in China).

I personally believe that SM Entertainment isn’t pulling a “Hangeng” on EXO-M. I do think that they have valid reasons for denying Luhan his gigs (it just isn’t the right time at the moment). Perhaps it would be different if the gigs offered to Luhan were based in Korea, but they’re not.

And also, I’m not too sure how valid Luhanqt is as a source… She was the first one to bring up the whole EXO-M sasaeng car incident, which was also a rumor… and that’s a rumor that still hasn’t been confirmed. Given EXO’s popularity, newspapers would have been all over that incident.

Source: SMEnt_EXO


  1. Jess says

    Well one way to look at it may be the fact that Luhan pretty much isn’t up to par as the rest to be a solo on variety shows just yet. Chanyeol, baekhyun, Chen to name a few can hold their own when they’re on variety, Luhan certainly can’t. He’ll be edited away just like in the first broadcast of Weekly Idol.

    1. examplesample says

      We’re talking about Chinese shows, not Korean. Luhan would be more than fine, and frankly it’s offensive for you to say he can’t hold his own. SM is forcing the Chinese members to only participate in Korean broadcasts. Basically Hangeng 2.0.

      1. Jess says

        I don’t see what’s offensive about saying that Luhan can’t hold his own. So what if its a chinese broadcast? The rest of the exo members like Kai, sehun etc don’t get solo’s on Korean broadcast mainly because they won’t be able to get much screen time on their own.

        1. Darell says

          Well, you don’t seem to know the Chinese market at all. Even if Luhan is shy and doesn’t know how to put himself out there (in your words, “can’t hold his own”), the Chinese public
          usually find this endearing and cute. There were past winners of Chinese talent shows who were equally “raw” when they first started out, but the Chinese public took to them really well and they got opportunities to develop their variety skills as they appear on more shows. And the Chinese public is
          usually more judging of the emcee; a good emcee is one who can draw out a shy/quiet celebrity and get people to know him/her better. So even if Luhan is quiet, it is the job of
          the emcee to draw him out of his shell.

          And ever wonder why many people love it when EXO/EXOM is invited to Chinese variety shows/interviews? The most evident reason is the amount of exclusive airtime they
          get! Unlike Korean broadcast where they have to invite tons of celebrities, Chinese variety shows/interviews are usually centered on just one guest/group who is popular. Shows like Happy Camp, China Love Big Concert, Go All Out, fans get to see them having fun/displaying another side to them for a good hour (they don’t get to fight for screen time with other guests as they are the only guests).

          The fact is, Luhan is very popular in China (90% of press coverage on EXO is on him; news articles are written about him almost every other day) and Chinese shows
          want him. There is no issue about him not getting much screen time or edited away like Weekly Idol since he is likely to be the only guest. Rather than capitalizing on this, SM seems to be limiting his activities and it begs the question why?

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  3. Darell says

    The source of Luhanqt’s information is from Weibo. Many Chinese producers, directors and people working in the Chinese entertainment industry use Weibo actively these days. Many want Luhan to be on their shows but Luhan did not get to be on any of them. Why?
    SM is not pulling a “Hangeng” on EXOM but on Luhan only, most probably because he’s the most popular in China.

  4. aloris says

    LOL! Luhan can handle songs himself; he’s sung several songs pre-debut, his vocals are also much more polished now. The question is indeed why is SM limiting Luhan? EXO-M members are by far more athletic then the K members (easily seen from the IZE interview, EXO-M’s Going All Out, and Luhan and Xiumin’s soccer and Kris’s basketball and the account of Kris and Tao playing with Yonghwa). That is the only reason, from how I see it, that SM would put the M members there.; the point in varieties is to stand out. Also, Luhan won’t be edited away on a chinese broadcast; look at all the M only interviews and broadcasts; the only people in danger when M is in China is Chen and Xiumin; and Chen’s chinese has been improving by a lot and Luhan brings in Xiumin whenever he can…..

    Also, day or two after the accounts of Luhan’s opportunities being rejected come floating around weibo, out comes the news of Chanyeol’s casting on 1N2D. SM can do so much more for K in Korea; SJ are some of the best sunbae that EXO could have; their positions allow the SJ sunbaes to give EXO lots of opportunities with radio (Sukira/Shimshimtapa). Not only that, SM is a powerful company in Korea; they can get acting or variety gigs for the boys far more easily then the regular company could probably do. What I just can’t see is why SM is limiting the opportunities of the boys in China, a place where SM has so little power? Do they think opportunities grow on trees? Or are they that confident that they’ve got a foot through the door, so to say? If Luhan takes the offers, he could get his name more well known, when he gets more well known, he can drag the rest of M up to where he is…..

    The reason I bring this up is especially because of the M boys’ debut; the situation where they were kind of put to the side by a veteran group whom mentioned the that M.I.C. (chinese group, did Lollipop with f(x)) was the only Chinese idol group that could take on Korean bands/idols, despite the M boys being right next to him. The point is, the veteran apologized and bowed to them an year later, at the same award ceremony this year. So, after going through all that, just to get called a “mainland group” (as in mainland china); the boys haven’t performed in china much; growl OT12 chinese version was performed the first time during SMT Beijing. For a group that clearly said they wanted to be seen as a chinese group during their debut speech; SM sure is doing a damn fine good job of it……(sarcasm)

    And honestly, the EXO-M saesaeng account? That’s not fabricated. It was on weibo posted by I believe not the driver, but someone working with EXO-M during the Shanghai trip. He was the one who provided information about that Shanghai trip (weeks before the trip) as well as a possible future fanmeet; and if you’re one of those that calls everything bull, then please try thinking the other way; what is there to gain by such a rumor? And honestly (because I clicked on the EXO-M car link and skimmed that article), Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding’s saesangs rumor was already disproven by a letter from an attendee of the wedding as well as several other accounts; something that the media and some fans decided to ignore.

  5. reianne says

    i think it’s more of sm wanting exo to do better in korea first before they venture further in china.

  6. Andrea Christiana says

    lol no. He appeared much enough. maybe because if he’s going to many jobs alone, it would be hard for him because his language is not perfectly fluent.

  7. ryeoshan1a says

    “While we all love Luhan, we know that he doesn’t have powerhouse vocals.” you easily said it while he’s known as one of exo’s lead vocal? wow. fyi he doesnt have a powerful voice or high note vocal voice or something but he surely has a honey voice. and i love to hear his voice. think before you write something!

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  9. VV says

    Well, SM can’t possibly accept every single offer that comes to them. They have to balance schedules and make sure the offer is suitable for the member’s image or adds value to it. Moreover, if a member takes on too many solo activities, fans might get upset over the lack of activities for the other members who probably received less offers or failed various castings, and start accusing the company of not giving them solo activities.

  10. ara jean says

    exo luhan goodluck

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