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Have you pre-ordered EXODUS yet?


EXO’s second full-album EXODUS is set to be released on March 30th!

Have you pre-ordered a copy (or copies) of the album for yourself yet?

You should so you can have access to the album, its photobook, and its gorgeous poster as soon as the album drops!

Like previous albums, EXODUS has both a Korean and Chinese version with different bonus goodies.

Pre-order EXODUS 2nd full album EXO

What’s great is this album comes in 10 different versions! What’s unfortunate is that which album you get will be chosen at random… so if you’re super rich, you can try your hand at trying to get all 10 different versions. Each version comes with a poster of an individual EXO member.

We’ve already heard a preview of most of the tracks on EXODUS and we have to say that we love every single one of them. Their songs are phenomenal as always.

Here is the full tracklist for EXODUS.

We can’t wait to have access to the HQ versions on March 30th!

Remember that pre-ordering EXODUS will help the boys on the Hanteo charts, which will help them win many awards! Both on music shows and at the end-of-the-year ceremonies.

Also, you can help the boys by not only pre-ordering their album, but by also following this easy guide on voting for them during their comeback!

Get ready EXO-L! Next month will be phenomenal.

Also, a little side note for the posters that come with EXODUS, or any EXO album in general. While some of you are okay with hanging up the posters as they are using thumbtacks, and that’s fine, I’m a little more OCD about it. The thought of impaling my perfect poster with a thumbtack is painful. So what I do is I place my posters in a 24×36 picture frame (which is the perfect size for most K-pop posters) to protect them!

I don’t have to stab my posters with a thumbtack and as an added bonus, my posters don’t fade (and I won’t have to worry about my poster eventually falling off because a thumbtack sliced through it overtime).

Also, if you have a good collection of posters already, these picture frames make your room look like a K-pop art gallery. Now of course you don’t have to stick your posters in a picture frame like me because it is a tad bit pricey… but trust me, these posters look so much more beautiful this way.

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