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Henry and EXO’s Suho take a selca representing Idol Team B!

Over 160 idols have gathered to show off their athletic prowess at the 2013 Idol Star Athletics Championship. We already know that several EXO members will be participating as well as VIXX’s Leo, however it also appears that many other popular idols like TASTY, B.A.P, and Henry are joining in as well.

Henry just updated his Twitter with a selca of him with EXO’s Suho. He tweeted to his fans,

“exo fighting!! suho jjang jjang man!”

Henry takes a selca with EXO's Suho at the Idol Star Athletics Championship

Both EXO and Henry are part of Idol Team B. Alongside them are Woolim Label’s INFINITE and TASTY, as well as girl groups AOA, Dal Shabet, and Girls Day. Unfortunately, it seems like VIXX and B.A.P are playing on the opposite team. This time around, EXO gets to wear the much more appealing orange outfits compared to their mint green outfits from last year.

Good luck to all of those participating at this year’s Star Athletics Championship. May the best team win!

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