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Henry decides not to renew contract with SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment has just lost another great artist.

Henry, who debuted in Super Junior-M in 2008 and then again as a solo singer in 2013 for the company, has decided not to renew his contract with SM Entertainment.

Instead, he plans on forming his own one-man company so that he can create the music that he wants.

Henry expressed his frustration with the company back in December 2016, where he told fans that he was sick and tired of the company not listening to him and not giving him enough promotions.

Their relationship was somewhat mended afterwards, but not enough to get Henry to stay.

We hope that Henry finds success with his one-man agency, although it’ll be very difficult.

He still has tons of fans who will support him and his new, exciting career direction though.

With Henry leaving, we wonder what f(x)’s Amber will be doing.

She has expressed the same frustration with SM over and over in the past.

Fans wouldn’t be surprised if she followed suit and left as well, although that would spell the end of f(x)… and no one wants that.

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