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HIGH CUT releases BTS video of Vol. 121 feat. EXO & Yoo Ah In

HIGH CUT Magazine has just released behind-the-scenes footage of vol. 121 of it’s magazine featuring EXO and Yoo Ah In.

The track for the video is none-other than EXO’s “XOXO” (which seems to be a very popular promo song for them).

The boys all look adorable striking their poses, practicing their choreography, and trying to hold back their laughs.

There are also some precious moments between the members, like the LuChan moment at 0:38.

This issue of HIGH CUT is the one where EXO is endorsing KOLON SPORT’s lineup of clothes. Mainly their Winter/Spring line-up.

The poses that the boys are doing for this magazine are a bit different from the usual “stand and leer” poses.

During some of the shots, instead of just standing and looking handsome,  the boys instead strike different choreographed dance poses, which you can see from around 18-22 seconds in the video.

It’s kind of cool. And it turned out great in the magazine.

Be sure to check out the BTS video of HIGH CUT Vol. 121. It’s a shame that Yoo Ah In wasn’t really featured in it, except for the beginning.

You can purchase a copy of HIGH CUT Vol. 121 from iTunes for $2.00.

Also be sure to check out the pictorial for the magazine here!

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