Teacher Bashed For Including a Question about EXO on Test

Recently, a highschool teacher was bashed for including a question about EXO on a music test.

This has been one of the trending topics in the South Korea forums ever since it was posted on the Sirgle website.

An angry student posted a topic titled, “I got a question wrong because of this trashy question on a music test” and attached an image of the test question.

Teacher bashed for including question about EXO on test

The question read,

“In ______, the group’s promotions began when they became active under a certain big company. Starting from ________, generation idols such as H.O.T, S.E.S, Fin.KL, and now _________EXO are the leading representatives of Hallyu in K-pop.”

The original poster of the topic asked,

“Because of this question, I failed to score 100 on my test. Does this make sense? How am I supposed to know how many EXO members there are?”

Many commenters complained that the question is confusing even for EXO fans, since former members Kris and Luhan have both filed lawsuits against the company, and Tao is currently inactive, and is rumored to be leaving the group.

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