HISTORY breaks down their choreography for “Tell Me Love”

HISTORY recently uploaded a video showing their fans how to dance to their latest track “Tell Me Love”. The boys didn’t just record a dull step-by-step choreography video like some companies do. They instead opted to implement several skits in order to make learning the dance steps entertaining.

The boys break down their dance into 3 main routines. The first routine is called “The 5 Eagle Brothers”. This routine actually puts HISTORY’s song into perspective. Song Kyung-Il takes the lead role and acts as the head of the eagle, while the other members form the wings. After learning this routine, HISTORY’s choreography looks much more artistic and creative.

HISTORY breaks down their choreography for Tell Me Love

The second routine is the “I feel sick, what’s wrong” routine. It’s a simple routine that signifies the butterflies that one feels in their stomach when they’re crushing on someone. This routine is actually very simple. The members just rotate/shake their hips to the side and shake their head to the left. The members wash, rinse, and repeat those simple steps about 3 times.

The last routine is called the “Tell Me Love” dance. The members step closer to their “crush”, and they blow her a kiss. That’s it. Though I do find it weird that they blow their kiss straight to the ground… but we’ll go with it.

The members review their dance routines at the end of the video, and then they put it together with everything else to create the full choreography. Check out HISTORY’s tutorial video below! Not only will it teach you how to dance to the song, it will also give you a much better perspective on the song.

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