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HISTORY makes their comeback with their 1st mini album “Just Now”

HISTORY, LOEN Entertainment’s new rookie boy group, has just made their comeback with their very 1st mini-album “Just Now”. To kick off their comeback, HISTORY released a music video for their title track “Tell Me Love (Tropical Night)” and already the music video has become a huge hit (unsurprising considering LOEN Entertainment is a huge media giant).

What I love about LOEN Entertainment is that they provide English subs with their music videos so most of us international fans can understand what the song’s about… so that’s a huge plus for the boys of HISTORY.

HISTORY releases their first mini album Just Now

“Tell Me Love (Tropical Night)” is definitely a huge change from their debut title track “Dreamer”, and it falls into a more generic version of K-Pop, but fans have been receiving it positively. The song is cheerful, and it shows off Song Kyung-Il, Na Do Kyun, Kim Si Hyoung, Kim Jae Ho, and Jang Yi Jeong’s charms well. The members’ vocals are great, the rapping portions are loveable, and the choreography is entertaining.

Generic might not be the correct label for this song. I prefer to call it a more classic version of K-Pop, the version that made most of us fall in love with the music genre in the first place, and it’s certainly working this time around.

The music video for “Tell Me Love” has just been released and it already has a ratio of 99% likes/1% dislikes… a huge achievement for a rookie group.

Besides “Tell Me Love”, the other tracks on HISTORY’s 1st mini album include: 02: Blind, 03: Ma Red Night, 04: Why Not, and 05: Tell Me Love (Instrumental version).

Check out the music video for HISTORY’s “Tell Me Love” below! Be aware that from 0:13 to 0:20, the video is intentionally muted, so be sure not to hit the refresh button.

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