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HISTORY pulls off a successful first showcase for Just Now!

LOEN Entertainment’s latest K-Pop Rookie group HISTORY has just held their very first showcase and they pulled it off with huge success. The boys only performed 3 songs for their showcase, but it was more than enough to impress their loyal fans as well as LOEN Entertainment’s massive amount of YouTube subscribers

The boys kicked things off with their debut song “Dreamer”, and I don’t know why I didn’t notice until now, but that song is very-well composed. The song features some pretty great harmonization as well as a great melody. It’s a song that leaves a great first impression, which is just what this rookie group needed.

HISTORY pulls off a successful 1st showcase for Just Now

After kicking things off with “Dreamer”, the boys performed one of their newest songs from their 1st album “Just Now” called “Why Not”. The song has an addictive melody and the boys really shined while performing. Finally the boys ended the showcase with their comeback title track “Tell Me Love”, wowing their fans with their complicated choreography, their impressive vocals, their adorable visuals, and their strong charisma.

Between each song, the members also explained each one of the songs that they were performing. They promised their fans that they would continue to make good music, and that they hoped their fans would continue to love and support them. With the performance they pulled off, their fan base should be expanding quite a bit.

Check out HISTORY’s 1st showcase below! English and Japanese subtitles provided by LOEN Entertainment (great move on their part).

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