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Hitmaker PDs pull a mean prank on GOT7’s Jackson

You would think that after the whole mother prank that SBS’s Roommate pulled on GOT7’s Jackson, people would know better than to pull an over-the-top mean prank on Jackson again.

But not Hitmaker. Who knows, maybe they thought that since Jackson is so chill, he wouldn’t mind getting his heart broken.

Their prank irritated both netizens and GOT7 fans.

The prank this time around involved getting Jackson super excited about a vacation with MCs Hyungdon and Defconn and then having the MCs take off without him.

It’s really painful to see Jackson get all excited and then getting his hopes crushed because of the elaborate prank.

Roommate PDs pull a terrible prank on GOT7 Jackson again

Jackson woke up at 4:00AM that morning super excited about his trip.

He was talking about the trip and how it would “heal his stress”, especially since it would’ve been the first trip he’d take since his debut.

You can check out the video of the entire prank on Hitmaker Episode 4. The video, in English Subs, is below!

The entire prank starts at 10:15 and ends at 19:27. But we recommend you watch the episode from the very beginning.

Poor Jackson :(.

Source: Bingo_01.

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