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How to get milky smooth skin like EXO’s Sehun!

So those of you who went to both the Kpop Republic concert in the Philippines and the MTV World Stage in Malaysia may have noticed something about Sehun; He has perfect skin.

Maybe not 100%, but it’s definitely in the 90th percentile.

Many of you might be jealous at how he can have such perfect skin, but you should know that you can have flawless skin just like him.

It does require persistence, but the end result is worth it!

Sehun chinese friendship concert

I’m going to provide you a list of tips and tricks to getting the milky smooth skin Sehun has. Some of these tricks he might even use himself (I’m basing this information from both his interviews as well as his interests).

You don’t have to do EVERYTHING on this list, BUT! I recommend that you do most.

A little disclaimer: Sehun was born with his white skin, while some of us were born with a bit tanner/a lot darker skin… but there are convenient methods that you can do that will help you achieve lighter skin tones.

I’ll warn you, some of these methods require skin lightening products. If you’re not okay with skin lightening, you can feel free to skip those methods. All of the other steps will still work in providing you with beautiful, flawless skin.

Here we go:

1. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is THE beauty product used by most people today. A lot of people swear by it, I being one of them. It’s one of the healthiest oils to consume. You can cook with it, apply it directly to your skin, take it with your tea, etc. It moisturizes your skin, it moisturizes your hair, it helps you speed up your metabolism and lose weight, and it has a bunch of other health benefits!

Here’s a list of 10 celebrities who use coconut oil on a daily basis, one of which is Miranda Kerr, Sehun’s supermodel idol.

I believe that Sehun uses coconut oil too, because of how much he idolizes Miranda Kerr. I’m sure he read the several articles on her use of the product. She eats it with her salads, drinks it with her tea, and uses it on her skin! She consumes 4 table spoons a day. She, as well as other celebrities, credit the product as the reason why their skin is so beautiful.

You can pick up coconut oil from your local vitamin shop. I would advise against buying the product from stores like Walmart because they tend to be low-quality and not as effective. I personally buy my coconut oil from Amazon because it’s a lot cheaper and they carry the best ones. My preferred brand is the Nutiva organic extra virgin coconut oil.

How to get milky smooth skin like Sehun 1

2. Green Tea:

This step is one of the more optional methods on this list, but it’s very effective. Drinking green tea provides a bunch of great benefits for your body, including preventing heart disease and cancer.

It also helps increase your metabolism and it increases collagen production in your body, which helps you obtain much brighter, beautiful skin while also helping you age more slowly and beautifully. I don’t have a preference for Green Tea brands, but any will do. You can get tea packets for cheap from your local grocery store.

Slight edit: I started drinking decaffeinated green tea instead of regular green tea for two reasons:

  1. It doesn’t keep you up at night, which is when I usually drink my green tea.
  2. Decaf tea is much better for your throat.

Here’s two brands that I try, mainly because they’re very affordable, they still taste great, and they have a lot of great reviews: Stash Decaffeinated Green Tea & Bigelow Decaffeinated Green Tea.

Brew the tea at around 150 degrees Farenheit – 185 degrees Farenheit for the best taste/effect. You can also add coconut oil to your tea to sweeten it up.

3. Take cold showers:

Now most of you might be like, “What?”, but hear me out! Taking cold showers has many benefits. It keeps your skin from drying out, it makes your skin look younger, it increases your metabolism, it increases your blood circulation, it increases your energy levels, it reduces dark circles under your eyes, it helps you combat depression, and it wakes you up in the morning!

Now I don’t take 100% cold showers. My ratio is usually 70% cold water/30% hot water, but if you can handle 100% cold water, go for it! I would advise you to start off by taking lukewarm showers, and then working your way up to cold showers! At first, it’s difficult to take cold showers, but after a while you get used to it.

How to get milky smooth skin like Sehun

4. Skin Lightening Soap:

Now here’s one of the more controversial steps, and you can feel free to skip it. Skin Lightening soap, specifically Kojie San skin lightening soapis amazing for lightening/whitening your skin! For those of you who want to be a shade or two lighter, this soap is a God send.

Now I will warn you that it may sting a tiny bit when you first try it out, but that just means it’s working. You use the soap on your body as well as your face. What I like to do is I turn off the shower, I rub the soap bar all over my body, and then I use a luffa to scrub the soap deep into my skin! You can apply this soap however you want though.

Important tip!: Place the soap bar in a Tupperware container after you’re finished using it. By doing this, you’re preserving the soap bar for at least another week or two. I find that when I leave my soap bars in the bathroom, they seem to dissolve faster. Probably because of all the running water and such. So what I do is I keep the soap bar in a Tupperware container, take it out when I need to use it, and place it back in as soon as I’m done with it. If you don’t have a spare Tupperware container, you can use a ziplock bag.

Another Important tip!: Some sellers sell smaller bars of this soap (65grams vs. 135grams), so be sure to check out the seller’s description before buying!

Now you won’t see results from this soap immediately. You should, however, begin noticing some changes in about two weeks. Now your mileage may vary. Some people may have to wait 3 weeks or a month before the results start to kick in, but when they do, it’ll all be worth it! Now if you’re using the skin lightening soap, the next step is also VERY IMPORTANT.

5. Skin Lightening Lotion, or just lotion:

Now if you used the skin lightening soap, it’s very IMPORTANT that you moisturize right after you shower. The soap is acidic, so it tends to dry your skin out. Now if you want to keep your skin whitening to a minimum, you can always just use regular lotion to moisturize. However! If you want to enhance your skin whitening regimen, I have two lotion recommendations for you.

The first one is the Vaseline triple lightening body lotion. This is the one I use. Why? Because it’s both a triple lightening lotion and a very effective sunblock (so when you step outside, you don’t have to worry about the sun ruining all of your progress). I love two-in-one deals.

The second option I haven’t tried, but it’s also highly recommended. It’s the Nivea UV whitening extra cell repair body lotion. I don’t believe it has any sunblock capabilities, but it does moisturize your skin a lot better, making your skin more soft, smooth, and younger. Plus it comes in a bigger bottle.

The choice is yours! Both products whiten your skin even more, so either way you’ll be getting the results you want.

Sehun growl

6. Last, but not least: Drink water:

This one is a pretty common tip, and something you should already be doing. You should always drink lots of water. Around 8 cups a day is fine!

EXO’s Kris credits water, amongst his many facial products, as the main reason why his skin is so perfect. In fact, most of the EXO members, as well as other celebrities, drink tons of water (not only because they sweat a lot or because it’s great for their vocal cords). By keeping hydrated, you’ll keep your skin healthy, you’ll be less fatigued, and your body will function correctly! Best of all, it’s free.


So after about at least two weeks, you should have much better skin. Remember, you have to perform these tips/tricks on a daily basis for the best results. Persistence is key. I started noticing results after one week, but that’s because I was pretty tan.

For those of you who have acne, you can also invest in some facial products like the Clean & Clear deep action formula. But you know, if you drink Green Tea and consume Coconut Oil, the acne may just go away on its own, so it’s up to you to decide! If you have any recommendations you’d like to add, feel free to leave a comment!

Bonus: Blackheads:

For those of you suffering from blackheads, there are two products I swear by: The Aztec Secret Bentonite Clayand the St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

The Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay works wonders on black heads and pores! The great thing about it is that it’s really affordable and 6oz of it will last you a really long time. The important part is that you only use it once a week. It removes blackheads, dries pimples, and it makes your pores super small giving you silky smooth, beautiful skin. All you have to do is leave it on for 10-15 minutes, and then you wash it off. Super easy stuff with super awesome results.

The St. Ives Apricot Scrub is one of my favorite face washes. It smells really nice and you can really feel the scrub working on your skin, and you don’t have to worry about any face wash micro-beads endangering the environment because the apricot scrub is all-natural. It helps get rid of blemishes, pimples, and blackheads within 2-4 weeks, and it leaves your skin feeling very soft. This in combination with the aztec clay works wonders. I usually apply the apricot scrub when I’m in the shower.

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  1. Ivy Fang says

    If my skin is already white, I don’t have a dark skin, is it still advisable to use Skin Lightening soap and lotion? 😀 sorry, I really don’t know anything about skin regimens and stuff :p 😀

    1. kpoprookies says

      Oh no, you can go ahead and skip the skin lightening soap altogether!

      Also, for step #5, you don’t have to get skin lightening lotion, you can just opt for regular lotion instead.

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  3. tasneem says

    I have a white skin too…but i have a dark circle and a dry skin so what is bitter for me…

    1. kpoprookies says

      For you, I would skip the skin lightening soap, but purchase the skin lightening lotion. The lotion will lighten up the dark circles, but shouldn’t have any effect on the rest of your skin (because these products even out skin tone).

      The lotion will remedy both your dry skin and your dark circles. Also, try out the coconut oil. It’s healthy for you and it works wonders for you skin. You can cook with it or eat it with salads, toast.. anything.

  4. kpoprookies says

    Oh, and a little tidbit for anyone. If you have scars, the skin lightening soap helps make them fade away. Light scars will disappear, and deep scars will appear less visual!

  5. Kimberly Lee says

    i have really dark skin… can u apply coconut oil on your body?

    1. kpoprookies says

      Yes it works as a moisturizer as well! And try out the skin whitening soap/lotion if you want. You really start to notice the difference after about 1-2 weeks.

  6. xohmyitsme says

    Oh my, this is a really helpful post. I will most definitely try this 🙂 thank you for the tips!

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  8. Elaine Loke says

    Hi! May I know where I can purchase the kojie san skin whitening soap? I’m living in Malaysia. Not sure if they have it here.

    1. kpoprookies says

      I’m not sure where in Malaysia you can get it. They should have it in your local department stores. The soap is popular in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. It might be in a different packaging, or under the name “Kojic Acid Soap”.

      If it’s not there, you’d have to search online retailers.

  9. photostudio9 says

    I’m really not sure if this is still relevant… But the perfect recipe for lighter skin is to avoid sun. Wear spf filter (the higher the better) and just avoid the sun. I was so bleached after I did this… Basically, it’s because sun rays make our skin produce Vitamin D which darkens our skin. I’m sure my skin is as white as Sehun’s now (of course my genes are helping a lot (I’m European with light hair and light eyes), but I’ve never been so pale like now. Water is very important for light skin. A very important thing is not to be greedy on money you’re spending on your skin. My mother always used to teach me about how important skin care is. She has a very oily skin type and I kind of inherited it from her, but I’m managing it very well. Clinique has great products for every skin type. I’m using the facial soap, the toner and moisturizer. But a real miracle was their eye serum… I always had dark circles since pale people tend to have them, but once you apply it for around three days in a row, you can actually see the difference! However I try to use it as rarely as possible – it makes my undereye skin dry.. Still, if you’re tired of dark circles, try it. It’s expensive, but it’s 100% worth it. I’ve been a fan of clinique products since my first try of them in the cosmetics shop. Actually, I must say, if you find the right cosmetics (and please dont ever go for the cheapest choice because it actually may ruin your skin and give you acne), you will definitely have a great skin. You have to understand your skin and what it needs. When I went through my puberty, I rarely ever had pimples at all, just because I always do my skin care routine two times a day with one or two days letting it rest. For skin whitening, you must keep in mind that natural skin whiteners come first. Actually, the cosmetic whiteners work magically (especially the expensive brands), but always go for as the most natural choice as possible. Anyways, if you have any questions, I’m willing to help you! I know how annoying it is to have troublesome skin ><

  10. jose aguilar says

    Hello i had a question is it OK that once i take a shower and i have used the soap can i then put the lotion and go to sleep?

    1. kpoprookies says

      Yes, that should be fine!

  11. jose aguilar says

    Hello i had a question, ok so i bought the soap but i have noticed during this past days that every time i use it on my face my skin gets red and after time it kinda burns is that part of the process?

    1. kpoprookies says

      Oh yes, it’s because it’s an acidic soap. It tends to dry out your skin, which is why putting lotion on after showering is very important. Eventually, the soap should be less and less irritating.

  12. Helena Magick says

    Do you have anything for blackheads? acne isn’t a problem for me

    1. kpoprookies says

      For blackheads, I use the Aztec Bentonite Clay and St. Ives Apricot Scrub. For the Aztec Clay, apply once a week, and for the Apricot Scrub, apply everyday. You should see results in around 2-4 weeks.

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