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It’s Okay, It’s Love is met with mixed reviews

The first episode of EXO D.O’s drama It’s Okay, It’s Love premiered and it has been met with both positive and negative reception.

The show is off to a good start though. The first episode had a great viewership rating, with 9.2% of the nation tuning in (11% of Seoul).

But netizens feel the show needs to change some things around, and remove things altogether to make It’s Okay, It’s Love a decent drama.

On the bright side, netizens think D.O’s a decent actor, and that while the drama may have a lot of weak points, D.O isn’t one of them.

It's Okay It's Love met with mixed reviewsCheck out what netizens have to say about It’s Okay, It’s Love below.

Also, stay tuned for the full episode with English subs! We’ll have it up as soon as we can.

Translation by NetizenBuzz:

1. [+3,586, -221] A bit uncomfortable to watch with family..

2. [+3,111, -271] I felt embarrassed watching this with family ㅠㅠㅠ But it’s oddly fun!

3. [+2,965, -153] The casting’s okay… but the plot is hard to follow ㅋㅋ.. and the language they use makes me blush.

4. [+2,291, -169] I think my expectations were too high… but their chemistry was explosive ㅋㅋ

5. [+2,466, -1,257] DO’s acting was okay ㅋㅋㅋ Need to watch more to see, fighting

6. [+699, -63] The plot… kept getting cut off.. and the scripts didn’t feel properly delivered. I felt uncomfortable with the constant mention of sex on a public broadcast drama.

7. [+661, -28] Was all that sex talk reall necessary.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+643, -62] The media play for this drama is amazing.. Anyway, the drama is too extreme ㅜㅜ My expectations were too high.. The plot’s difficult to understand.. It’s not EXO that’s the problem, the drama itself is problematic…

9. [+572, -17] Feels like I just watched a CF for an hour

10. [+454, -26] Embarrassing dialogues and situations… take those out and the drama seems okay

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