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IU Reveals Non-Negotiable Demand for Contract Renewal

IU recently renewed her contract with KakaoM (formerly Loen Entertainment), but aside from a salary raise, she had one demand that was non-negotiable.

She demanded that all of her current staff members stay on board and that they all receive raises.

Super cute.

Of course the agency agreed to her demands and everyone is happy.

The staff members were touched by IU’s request and loves that she trusts them to be with her throughout her career.

They even refer to her as “president” rather than just IU.

This isn’t the first act of kindness that IU has shown throughout her career.

When her manager got married, she gifted him a luxury car.

She makes continual donations to her alma mater and multiple charities.

She’s a huge sweetheart and you can’t help, but fall in love.

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