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Jang Soo Shop director says EXO Chanyeol cried a lot on set


During the press conference for Jang Soo Shop at Seoul’s CGV Cinema, director Jang Jae Gyu couldn’t help but share a secret about EXO’s Chanyeol to fans.

The director said that Chanyeol cried a lot while filming for the movie.

He cried when he read over the script and he cried again while shooting his parts for the film.

The director said he didn’t realize that Chanyeol teared up so much until he started thinking back to the filming for the movie.

Jangsoo shop Director says Chanyeol cried a lot on set

We hope that our Chanyeolie saved some of those tears for the emotional scenes in the movie.

We’ve seen the preview for Jang Soo Shop and it looks like it’s going to be heartwarming yet heartwrenching.

We always knew that our Chanyeol could be emotional, and to be honest that’s one of his most lovable qualities. He has a really big heart.

It’s a nice contrast to his really lively and cheerful personality.


Jang Soo Shop will hit movie theaters on April 9th!

We hope that it’s a blockbuster. If you haven’t already, check out the trailer for the movie below:

Source: EXO_Fanbase

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