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Japanese Media says 3rd Hallyu Wave led by BTS & Twice

The Japanese media believe that the 3rd Hallyu wave is currently underway, and both BTS and Twice are leading the charge.

The 1st wave took place back in 2003 with the hit Korean drama series “Winter Sonata” and the many popular K-Dramas that came afterwards.

Then TVXQ, Kara, and Girls’ Generation took charge of the 2nd Hallyu wave from 2005 til now.

Now the 3rd Hallyu wave is here, and it looks like it’ll be a strong one.

However, BTS and Twice aren’t the only groups present in this current generation. Many other Kpop groups are joining up.

Black Pink is slowly, but surely charming the hearts of their Japanese Blinks, and if YG will support them, they can be sure to dominate the charts over there.

Seventeen is also rising in popularity in Japan, and Ikon is enchanting the hearts of teens all over just like their sunbaes Big Bang.

And honorable mentions go to Momoland and G-Friend. Both girl groups are from smaller agencies, so it’s amazing the size of the impact they’re making in Japan.

The Japanese media also say that the fans of this new Hallyu wave are young in age and don’t care about the tension that is currently felt between South Korea and Japan.

Meaning that there’ll be less xenophobia for these groups to fight against (hopefully).

We believe that Kpop is making a comeback in Japan and we love it.

We’re excited to experience this new era of Kpop in Japan and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of these groups dominating the Oricon charts.

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