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JBJ’s Kim Yongguk and SONAMOO’s Nahyun Rumored to Be Dating

There’s nothing netizens love more than a K-Pop dating scandal and it looks like Twitter has cooked one up for them.

A thread has gone viral on Twitter with people saying that JBJ’s Kim Yongguk and SONAMOO’s Nahyun are dating.

Netizens are posting pictures of two people who look like these idols out and about together.

If you want to see the Twitter thread for yourself, you can do so here.

Netizens are posting stalker photos of the two, retracing each idol’s social media postings which may be related to one-another, and finding whatever other connections they can of these two.

It’s crazy.

Now to the rest of the world, two celebrities dating isn’t a big deal, at all, but for South Korea, it’s like they’ve committed a crime.

People are already saying that both of these idols’ careers have ended.

If you look at HyunA and Ex-Pentagon member E-Dawn, that may or may not be a far reach.

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