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JellyFish Entertainment Explains “VeriVery” Boy Band Name

When Jellyfish Entertainment announced that their upcoming boy band would be called “VeriVery”, netizens were skeptical…

It’s a super, weird name. Awful, some may say.

It seems Jellyfish caught wind of all that chatter and buzz surrounding their name choice and decided to explain their reasoning for choosing that name.

On their Twitter, Jellyfish stated that the word “Veri” is latin for the word “Truth” and “very” is just plain ol’ very.

So combined together, what do you get?!? “Truly True” according to them.


They also said that “Veri” is an acronym for what the group stands for, which is:

  • V – Various
  • E – Energetic
  • R – Real
  • I – Innovation.

Yeah, okay.

Again, “very” just stands for very in this scenario (Wow, when you type out “very” so many times, it just starts looking super weird).

So in the second scenario, they’re the boy band that is very various, energetic, real, and innovative.

Still hmm…

Anyway, last but not least, when you abbreviate both words, you get VRVR, which is another way of introducing a group.

Who knows, maybe down the line, that’s what they’ll be known as.

BTS used to stand for Bangtan Boys, and now they’re strictly BTS, which is working out wonderfully for them.

Maybe VRVR will be a hit.

We hope so.

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