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Jessica’s “Blanc and Eclare” Collection is Coming to Canada!

Ex-Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung is expanding her fashion line to Canada!

Blanc and Eclare will be coming to the Nordstrom at the Pacific Centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada in June.

It looks like Blanc and Eclare will only be bringing their line of eyewear to Nordstrom, with no plans of importing their denim, cosmetics, or other accessories over just yet.

Maybe if the company does well in Nordstrom, they’ll be able to expand their inventory.


We’re so proud of Jessica and her blooming Blanc and Eclare brand.

She has a bunch of stores all over China, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, and North America.

She received a lot of negative backlash from netizens at the launch of her brand, but joke’s on them.

Blanc and Eclare is doing amazing.

Will you be making a trip to Nordstrom when her brand arrives there?

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