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Jimin reveals that JYP vetoes a lot of her song releases

15&’s Park Jimin had a really heartbreaking Instalive yesterday.

She revealed to fans that she has so many aspirations and dreams as a singer, but she’s currently being inhibited by JYP Entertainment.

She says she brought a lot of songs to the company that she wanted to release, but they didn’t like any of them.

Her favorite music style is Hip-Hop and R&B, but the company wants her to focus more on pop songs.

They also make her take constant vocal lessons so that her singing style matches more of what they want.

We feel really bad for Jimin.

She just wants to be able to share her own music with her fan and the world, but it’s like she’s being re-purposed to fit her company’s needs.

If JYP doesn’t change, she needs to leave and find a company that will allow her more creative freedom.

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