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JJ Project performs ‘Hooked’ at ‘When a Man Loves’ Debut Showcase

JJ Project performed their song “Hooked” at their “When a Man Loves” debut showcase recently, and a fan caught it all on tape. Hooked is a song off of their debut single album, “Bounce”, and it’s a nice, upbeat rap/pop song perfect for the summer. It’s nice to see JB & Jr. performing the song with so much happiness and excitement. It really makes the entire performance entertaining and charismatic.

JJ Project is a rookie duo group under JYP Entertainment. JB & Jr were both tied for 1st place in JYP Entertainment’s 5th Open Auditions. They both played major roles in the sequel to Dream High, where JB played an idol forced to attend school and Jr. played a student aspiring to be an idol.

The duo debuted with their single “Bounce” well over a year ago, and they have yet to make a comeback.

JJ Project performs hooked on when a man loves debut showcase

Fans have been eagerly awaiting JJ Project’s comeback, but there’s no word on whether that will happen anytime soon. Hopefully JYP heeds to the fans’ wishes because JJ Project is losing the momentum they gained from Dream High 2… and who knows if they are able to accumulate a huge fan following from “When a Man Falls in Love”, a Korean drama where they both only played supporting characters.

It’s great that the two are both simultaneously breaking into the acting while building their music careers, but at the moment, it seems like they’re only focusing on the former rather than the latter.

Hopefully their “When a Man Loves” showcase foreshadows their impending comeback, and that these boys will be releasing new material within the next month. One year and 2 months is a really long time to wait for a comeback, especially with the impact that these boys left for their fans way back in the day.

Check out the boys performing Hooked in the video below.

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