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Jonghyun’s SM Station song “Inspiration” was meant for NCT-U


SHINee’s Jonghyun recently stated that his SM Station song, “Inspiration” was originally created for NCT-U.

He wrote and composed the song after being inspired by their debut track, “7th Sense“, and was going to give it to them as a present.

However, due to his solo concert coming up and him becoming impatient and in need of extra material, he kept the song for himself.

But don’t worry, he also has stated that he has many more self-composed songs available, some of which are meant for NCT.

We’re looking forward to the tracks that he has in mind for NCT.

Inspiration has a sexual feel to it, just like Baby, Don’t Like It.

We could’ve definitely seen NCT-U perform the song.

Check out Jonghyun’s song “Inspiration” below:

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