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Juniel reveals she’s friends with the EXO members thanks to Kai

Juniel recently shared with the cast of Beatles Code 3D that she’s close with all of the EXO members.

She said because she and EXO’s Kai were schoolmates, he introduced her to everyone.

Every now and then, she would send the EXO members a text message.

She only sends them simple text messages, such as “Hello, what’s up” and “How are you doing?“.

Juniel says that she's close to the EXO members thanks to Kai

Of course, being on Beatles Code 3D, Juniel was pressed for more information on her relationship with the EXO members.

Juniel kept her responses short and simple.

MC Shin Dong Yup asked Juniel whether or not she met up with the EXO members privately, which she denied.

When asked which member she thought was the most handsome, she gave the general response of “They’re all good looking.”

It’s great that the members of EXO are able to make friends so easily, but it’s no surprise considering their charming personalities.

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