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JYPE releases teaser images for GOT7 members Mark & JB!

As promised, JYPE has released the first teaser images for its new rookie boy group GOT7!

The first two members to be revealed are Mark and JB!

JB from JJ Project has underwent a major change compared to when he first debuted.

His look is a lot more feminine now, which can be a hit or a miss with fans.

GOT7 releases teaser images for Mark and JB

JB is rocking a new silver-styled haircut, hoop earrings, and lots of eye-shadow.

Mark on the other hand is rocking a burgundy hairstyle, with tooth earrings and cerulean eyeliner.

Both boys show off their acrobatic skills in their second set of teaser images, where they are bouncing off walls and flipping around in the air.

It’s just their way of giving us a taste of what we can expect when they officially debut on January 15th!

So that’s 2 members down, and only 5 more to go! I can’t wait to see who else will be part of JYP’s new group, and what kind of change JR will be going through.

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