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JYP’s new post-2PM group “GOT7” to debut on January 15th!

JYP Entertainment’s new boy group “GOT7” is set to debut on January 15th! They’re being touted as JYP’s post-2PM group.

The group will be composed of 7 members with different nationalities, meaning we’ll be seeing Korean, Chinese, and other types of members in this group!

It’s also been confirmed that the boys of JJ Project, JB &JR, will be part of this group as well!

This group’s genre is considered to be hip-hop, so they’ll be competing against the likes of Bangtan Boys and Topp Dogg essentially.

JYP also states that GOT7 will be putting a lot of their focus on performance. Unlike other idol groups, not only will this group be dancing, they’ll be performing a bunch of martial arts skills and acrobatics on stage as well, making their performance much more visually appealing.

GOT7 to debut on January 15th JJ Project JYP

JYP will begin releasing teaser images for GOT7 starting on January 3rd. GOT7 will be releasing their debut music video on January 15th, and will be holding their 1st showcase, dubbed “Garage Showcase“, on the same day.

They will be performing on their 1st stage via M! Countdown on January 16th!

Their 1st mini-album is set to be released on January 20th.

Considering that the boys of JJ Project are going to be a part of this group, GOT7 may already have a good chunk of fans ready to support them.

We can’t wait for them to debut!

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