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JYP’s new rookie group 5Live sings “Lovely Girl” for “Beautiful Man” OST

JYP Entertainment has decided to reveal their brand new rookie group to us a little early!

Previously, we were expecting to hear about these boys sometime in early-2014, but netizens are speculating that JYP sped up their reveal in order to better compete with YG’s WINNER.

JYP’s new group is called 5Live, and it looks like instead of being a traditional idol group, they’re going to be more like a pop-rock band instead. Their primary focus is vocals.

Now, I’m just basing this on the image that Korean news outlets have been using, but I believe that the members for 5Live will be Wonpil, Junhyeok, Seongjin, Jehyeong (people have been spelling it Jae Hyeong, but in the picture it’s spell Je Hyeong… I don’t know.), and Yeonghyeon.

JYP's new rookie group 5Live sings Lovely Girl for Beautiful Man OST

Of course, JYP hasn’t officially revealed the members of 5Live, so the above list of members may be incorrect.

5Live has given us a preview of what we can expect from them when they debut next year. They were given the honor of singing an OST track for KBS’s upcoming drama “Beautiful Man” starring IU and Jang Geun Suk.

The song they’ve sung sounds great and chill. These boys are already receiving a lot of praise for their vocals.

Now for those of you who are wondering about JJ Project and their future, they’re still in talks about debuting in JYP’s other rookie group. Yes, JYP is planning on releasing two boy groups next year, and JJ Project’s group will be a vocal/dancing group. Alongside JB and JR, there will be around 5 other members that will be part of their group.

Hopefully we hear about them soon too.

Check out 5Live’s song “Lovely Girl” below!

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