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Kai dreams of releasing a solo album in the future


In an interview with Ivy Club, EXO’s Kai says that he dreams of releasing his own solo album in the future.

With his unique vocal colors and his outstanding stage presence, we can definitely see him with his own solo act.

Kai just needs to polish his vocals a bit more, but that’s what singing coaches are for. And we know that SM Entertainment has plenty of those hanging around.

He says he’s already practicing hard with his vocal lessons.

EXO Kai dreams of releasing a solo album in the future

In 2015, Jongin told Nylon Magazine that he purchased a microphone and audio cards to record himself sing. He has learned how to straighten out his voice to make it sound nice on audio files. Back then, it was more of a hobby. To him, he said it was “like a game without getting stressed”.

As time goes on though, he’s getting more serious about becoming a better singer and he’s starting to put more emphasis on that over dancing.

He says that now he loves singing just as much as he loves dancing.

Kai still has plenty of time to practice and increase his vocal range. We hope that when he does get to release a solo album, he’ll blow everyone away. Not just fans, but the public as well.

Kind-of off topic, but I would also love to see a bunch of solo albums from the other EXO members. This entire group is just exploding with talent.


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