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Kai, what are you doing?

So, the following GIF was created during the 2014 MAMA Awards, and well… it’s a bit strange.

What we see is EXO’s Kai reaching slowly down his pants… and then bringing his hand back up and sniffing it?

Why Kai? You know there are thousands of fancams going off on you!

But perhaps it isn’t as it seems.

What are you doing Kai

The GIF up there is going viral and probably scarring Kai for life, but thankfully there are fancams going around that show what Kai was really doing.

It turns out that he was just tucking his shirt in and then whispering to Suho immediately after.

He just terribly timed the two things, which made it seem like he was doing something gross.

Check out the following fancam, starting at 1:30.

But still, this GIF is absolutely hilarious and awesome, and I’ll be looking at it every now and then when I need a good laugh.

Source: Chaegzbb

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