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Kim Hyun Joong’s New Drama Flops Hard

And flop is putting it kindly.

Kim Hyun Joong’s new drama “That Time When Time Stopped” (It should’ve been canceled from the title alone) has just aired its pilot episode and no one tuned in.

Okay that’s taking things a bit too far.

0.1% of the South Korean population tuned in.

Yep. 0.1%.

And that’s probably from people who were just flipping through channels and stumbled onto it for a few seconds.

KBS W must be losing their minds right now, but honestly, they should’ve seen it coming.

So why isn’t anyone tuning into Kim Hyun Joong’s new drama?

For those of you unfamiliar with the real life drama surrounding him, here’s a cliff notes version:

  • It turns out he was dating someone (which is scandalous enough in the K-Industry) and she was crazy.
  • In 2015, his ex-girlfriend publicized their dirty laundry for all to see.
  • It turns out he was physically abusing her.
  • His company tried to spin this by saying Kim Hyun Joong was just playing around with her, but when does “playing around” mean fracturing your girlfriend’s ribs?
  • Then his ex-girlfriend drops another bombshell; she’s pregnant.
  • Kim Hyun Joong denies that the baby is his.
  • Oops, turns out the baby really is his.
  • To throw gasoline in the fire, his ex-girlfriend claimed she was pregnant before, but miscarried due to his physical abuse.
  • Those claims didn’t have enough evidence to be proven true, but Kim Hyun Joong’s agency still settled with her.
  • Unrelated to all of this, in 2017, Kim Hyun Joong was arrested for drinking and driving.

And that’s why his drama is flopping and netizens couldn’t be more happy.

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