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Kris and Suho to represent EXO at the MTV EMAs in Amsterdam

The two leaders of EXO are currently at the airport waiting to head over to Amsterdam. Both Kris and Suho will be representing EXO at the MTV EMAs!

It must be exciting for those two to be traveling over to the Netherlands, though I think it would be pretty lonely without the other 10 members there to keep them company.

EXO is currently one of the top contenders for MTV EMA’s “Best Worldwide Act” award. EXOtics are working very hard to make sure their favorite idols win the award.

Of course this isn’t settling well with Beliebers or Directioners, who yet again, are engaging in racism towards EXO to show their spite towards K-Pop.

EXO's Kris and Suho to represent EXO at the MTV EMA

I hope that EXO wins this award, even if its just to prove those ignorant fans wrong, piss them off, and show them that K-Pop is internationally popular… and not just limited to Korea.

Voting for the MTV EMA awards has closed off in several countries, but there are still some links that you can use to vote for EXO. Just click on one of these links. One of them should work for you.

Also, if EXO does win, be sure to stay humble. Don’t stoop down to the same level as those ignorant fans. We have to be just like EXO, who is always polite and humble, even after achieving so many accomplishments.

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  1. Baekhyun04 says

    this is not true that the beliebers and directioners racism them. EXO is out of the picture. Beliebers and Directioner are throwing hate from each other. Really disappointed to this

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