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Kris Talks About Absentee Father and Joining/Leaving EXO

Former EXO member Kris just did an interview with VladTV where he delved deep into his family, how he joined EXO, and his life and career now.

The interview starts off a bit awkward with Vlad pressing Kris with questions about his absentee father.

Kris’ dad divorced his mom when Kris was still a baby, so he never really got to know him.

His father was never around while he was growing up, but Kris is okay with that and okay with not ever getting to know him.

He then talks about his dreams about being a professional basketball player when he was still in high school.

His mother was not thrilled about that at all, and wanted him to pursue a career as a lawyer or a doctor… you know like all Asian parents do.

At 18, he auditioned for SM Entertainment through their division in Canada.

He passed his auditions of course, and thus began his move to South Korea and being prepped to join EXO.

In South Korea, he was sent to academies to learn singing, dancing, and of course Korean.

When asked about what it was like being part of such a huge boy band, Kris gave a very diplomatic answer.

He said that it was an experience. A necessary experience that helped him become who he is today.

He said that there were good times and hard times.

He didn’t have any freedom whatsoever because EXO’s schedules were so intense.

He also didn’t have any creativity when it came to music, so that drove him to pursue his own solo career in China.

As soon as he left EXO, he started his career as an actor in China and his popularity blew up.

Everyone wanted to cast him, everyone wanted him on their TV shows, and everyone wanted him to advertise their products.

Things started looking up real quick for Kris.

He started being able to make his own music and sing.

He’s even starred in American movies alongside big names like Vin Diesel.

He’s about to release a new album soon, which everyone’s hyped for.

We’re glad that Kris’ life is so much better.

You can check out Kris’ interview with VladTV below.

He’s super chill and down-to-earth.

Although we have to ask, what’s going on with that hair?

Does anyone know?

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