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Ladies’ Code releases their creepy MV for “Hate You”


Ladies’ Code has finally made their long awaited comeback with their latest single “Hate You”. The girls were supposed to make their comeback in July, however unfortunately their comeback had to be postponed because Zuny, the vocalist/rapper/maknae of the group, sustained a leg injury.

She injured herself during choreography practice and was required to wear an entire leg cast on her right leg in order to make a quick and successful recovery.

Ladies Code releases a haunting music video for Hate You

But nonetheless, these girls are back, and their comeback music video for “Hate You” is creepy, yet addicting. You’ll love it. The theme throughout the music video seems to revolve around dolls and marionettes, which might be a representation of what women feel when they’re madly in love with a man who only toys around with their feelings. If you don’t understand Korean, I would highly recommend that you read the translations of the lyrics to this song. The lyrics are very creative and many women (and men) can relate to the message being sent.

Without further ado, here’s Ladies’ Code’s music video for “Hate You”.

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