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Ladies’ Code releases their music video for “Pretty Pretty”

Ladies’ Code is back! They have just released their music video for their title track “Pretty Pretty“, and it definitely has a nice, creative theme to it. “Pretty Pretty” is extremely catchy, and the music video is very cute.

There are a lot of miniaturized guys trying to get the girls’ attentions, pampering them by fanning them, painting their nails, etc etc. What I really loved about this song is the chorus. The guys in the background singing and the girls showing off their refined vocals is just pure awesome.

Ladies' Code releases their music video for Pretty Pretty

The entire music video to me has this Japanese feel to it, and that’s a compliment. Polaris Entertainment really did well with the creation of it  and I feel that even now, it’ll really speak to K-Pop fans.

With the release of Ladies’ Code new music video, their 2nd mini-album is just around the corner.

Check out Ladies’ Code music video for “Pretty Pretty” and stay tuned for the release of their album!

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