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Ladie’s Code’s “Hate You” sees success on major music charts

It looks like EXO and B.A.P may not be the only scary rookies out there right now in the K-Pop industry. Ladies’ Code has shown that they’re a force to be reckoned with as well. Their latest single “Hate You” managed to rank #1 on Bugs Music’s real-time music chart and it was happily floating around in the top 10 area of 4 other major music charts as well. Unfortunately, their #1 position on Bugs Music was short lived, but still, it’s a huge achievement for a rookie group, especially one that has only been around for 5 months!

Ladies Code Hate You sees success on major music charts

K-Pop fans have been interested in Ladies’ Code ever since they came out with “Bad Girl”. With the release of their first digital single “Hate You”, they’re carrying on their momentum as a powerful rookie group and gearing up to “lead the future of music” as Polaris Entertainment states.

Ladies’ Code’s music video for “Hate You” has received just as many positive reviews as the single. Many netizens have stated that the music video was like a horror movie and that it didn’t disappoint. They also stated that the music video was also perfect for the weather that they’re experiencing in Korea right now.

Congrats to Ladies’ Code for being such a big hit. They’re currently preparing to release their 2nd album, which at this rate is bound to be a huge success.

Source: Onehallyu

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