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Ladies’ Code’s Pretty Pretty dance syncs with Wonder Girls’ Tell Me

Some Ladies’ Code fans had a bit of fun and replaced Ladies’ Code’s Pretty Pretty dance practice video’s BGM with Wonder Girls’ Tell Me.

The result is pretty surprising, showing that the choreography for Pretty Pretty is almost completely in sync with Wonder Girls’ Tell Me song.

Some people were even convinced that the girls were just covering “Tell Me” with a completely different routine.

Ladies’ Code’s fans were amazed by the synchronization and they remarked at the similarities between the two groups.

Ladies Code covers Wonder Girls Tell Me with their own choreography

Wonder Girls’ fans as well as netizens weren’t too amazed though. While still believing that the girls were “covering” Wonder Girls’ song, they said that they were being too much of a copycat and that they should find their own colors.

A bit harsh, but we can kind of see where they’re coming from.

We do know, however, that Ladies’ Code can stand on their own. Their Pretty Pretty comeback track was a hit, garnering attention from many top stars, including the Wonder Girls’ themselves.

Check out the fan-produced video of Ladies’ Code’s Pretty Pretty (Tell Me version).

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