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Lay becomes the first foreign idol to have a forest in his name


EXO-M’s Lay is the first foreign idol to have a forest named after them.

Members of EXO-L all teamed up together to provide funds to create a forest for him.

The forest, named Lay Forest, was created to celebrate his birthday tomorrow.

Lay has expressed how he wants fans to give to charity and help others out instead of giving him presents for his birthday, and oh my god did these fans go above and beyond.

They definitely topped last year’s present when they donated books, musical instruments, and more to a school, though that was an amazing present as well.

Lay becomes for foreign idol to have a forest named after them EXO

Happy early birthday to EXO’s Lay. We’re sure he’s absolutely thrilled to have a forest named after him.

And now EXO-L has another hot spot to visit when they vacation in Seoul. At least whenever Lay Forest is finished.

This birthday present proves that EXO-L can be an amazing fandom.

We also hope that the fans can gather up and provide great presents for the other EXO members birthdays too.

  1. LiLithepanda27 says

    O__O That’s awesome!!!!! A forest named after him?! Amazing~ Um but happy birthday Lay, or early birthday. 😀

  2. ksevgi says

    oppaaaa saengil çukka hamnida

  3. ksevgi says

    sarangheaaaaa oppaaaaa (TURKEY FANS LOVE YOU )

  4. EXO-LPandas says


  5. YixieL says

    saengil chukkahamnida Lay Oppa!!!!! i wish i can visit ur forest someday…. u deserved a great gift coz ur always grateful and nice to all fans and sunbaes… having a nice heart is a good example to ur fans like me…. wishing u more birthdays to come…. saranghae Lay Oppa….

  6. Kristine says

    Lay forest.. Sounds awesome XD

  7. Rian says

    Lay forest~~~

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