Lay reveals he got into a fight with another SM trainee

Our sweet, precious Yixing was in a fight once? What? No way.

Not once in a million years would I have thought that EXO’s Lay would ever be in a fight, but in his autobiography, “Standing Firm at 24“, Lay reveals everything.

He talks about how trainee life was very difficult. Each day was filled with practice upon practice; vocal training, dancing training, language training, etc etc.

One day, he came home completely drained from practice. He knocked out on his bed right away. When he awoke, he was starving. He went out into his dorm’s kitchen and saw a pot of rice on the table, which he proceeded to finish off.

EXO's Lay got into a fight as a trainee

Unfortunately, this set off another SM trainee, which resulted in a physical altercation.

The other trainee was injured, and as punishment, SM Entertainment sent Lay back home to China. He almost jeopardized his chance of debuting.

He deeply regretted the fight. He said that it was a serious mistake on his part, all due to him not being able to control his emotions.

This event caused him to feel a lot of regret; Regret for almost costing him his chance of pursuing a music career and regret for letting his emotions take over his actions.

Lay says that even today, he still “pays the bill” for his impulsiveness and youth.

I love how Lay is so open about this fight, despite what the public might think of him.

It does make me wonder who this SM trainee could be, and whether or not they’re still a part of the company as well.

Here is the complete translation of Lay’s account of the incident, translated by, Youngstars710/Xingnicorn/Zhen:

When I threw myself into the life of a trainee, an incident happened, I fought, and it resulted in serious consequences. Because of this fighting incident, I was sent back to my country, even didn’t have the chance to reflect on the determination I had to seize every opportunity, and I left Korea for the 2nd time.

At that time the company arranged many classes for us, dance classes, vocal classes, language classes, everyday it was practice and just practice, drained myself with practice that I would with no other thoughts immediately slept till the next day upon returning to dorm. I remembered that there was a day when I woke up, I felt really hungry, and upon seeing the pot of rice on the table, I finished it.

I didn’t expect to fight just because of that pot of rice. Now that I think of it, it’s probably because everybody’s very impetuous, heartstrings are all tied tightly, sometimes just because of a word one becomes impatient, and since we are all guys, the emotions will come out. When fighting, my actions were a little bit too big, it resulted in the other person getting injured, this was being considered as a serious mistake on my part, and was therefore being sent back.

The company has its own rules, everybody must adhere to them, I need to pay the price for my own actions, just that the price that I paid for myself at that time was really a little too much.

Now that I’m thinking about this, I’m still very regretful of my actions. I’m regretful not only because this has resulted in me nearly losing my chance to continue on my music career, but also because of the consequences that happened just because I can’t control my own emotions.
I thought of this almost immediately, when I was very young, my grandpa taught me what was “being cautious of your own words and actions”, but me at that time did not understand his words. So, till the present moment, I will need to pay the bill for my youth-ness and impulsiveness.
But, I guess this is youth, in the days when the sun is glaring, because of the existence of these prices that I had to pay for growing up, it allowed me to know that, dreams don’t come true so easily. When you’ve been through a lot, you will grow up a lot as well.
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