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Lay teaches fans how to cook Braised Carp!

Lay was a special guest for Top Chinese Music a while back, and there he showed the audience how to make a dish his grandfather taught him: Braised Carp.

He wanted to create this dish for two specific reasons.

1: Fish is an auspicious symbol in China, and

2: Eating fish can make you smarter.

It looks like Lay can give D.O a run for his money as EXO’s cook.

EXO Lay teaches fans how to cook Braised Carp on Top Chinese Music

While preparing the Braised Carp, Lay talked about the dishes that he would make the EXO members.

Most of his dishes are stirred fried, and with eggs: Stir-fried eggs and tomatoes, stir-fried eggs and chili, stir-fried-eggs and cucumber (Luhan’s favorite dish according to Lay).

They all sound a bit strange, but also so-very Lay. He’s ridiculously adorable!

While making his Braised Carp, he and the MC were talking about EXO’s recent EXO From EXO Planet concert. Lay was able to perform one of his own compositions for his solo, which felt like a dream come true to him.

He was glad that his fans received it so warmly.

He hopes that in EXO’s future solo concerts, he is able to be more closer to his fans… even inviting one lucky fan to sit next to him on-stage.

Check out Lay’s how-to cooking tutorial for Braised Carp in the video below. The final result looks so yummy!

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  1. YixieL says

    Lay is really a perfect husband….. its so sweet and amazing that a guy can cook…. Saranghae Lay Oppa… you make me inlove to u more….. hahahaha…..

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