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LC9 performs an HQ cover of Nelly – Just a Dream

The boys of LC9, League of Competition #9, have performed a cover of one of my favorite American songs circa 2010-2011, Nelly – Just a Dream. LC9 is just a Kpop rookie group, however, they show that they’re in this Kpop game to win, and so far they’re being well received.

In this cover, the song is distributed to the boys very well.  For example, E.Den doing the rap in his deep, manly voice, and with Jun being able to show off his vocal talents (finally) make this cover shine.

Some of the boys are also able to sing this song with very good English pronunciation, and very little to no accent.

If you don’t know who LC9 is, they’re a new Kpop rookie boy group from Nega Network, the same label that has signed popular acts like Brown Eyed Girls and Sunny Hill. There are 6 boys total in the group. Their stage names are J-Hyo, RASA, KING, AO, JUN, and E.Den. We’ll have profiles set up for them really soon.

LC9 performs a HQ cover of Nelly Just a Dream

Their debut single is called “MaMa Beat”, and it’s predominantly a rap song that is well-balanced with pop vocals. The members show off their visuals and charms while also performing some skilled choreography.

When pictures of LC9 were first introduced, Kpop fans from all around had no idea what to think. The pictures were very cartoon-like and “out of this world”, and fans thought that they were going too overboard with the concept. However, when LC9 officially debuted, Kpop fans quickly became LC9 fans, and it’s easy to see why.

You can check out the Kpop rookie group’s cover of “Nelly – Just a Dream” below. The group will most likely have more covers available in the near future. While they may not be part of a super label like EXO is, they should still be able to fare will in the Kpop industry.

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