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LC9 performs an HQ cover of One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’

LC9 has released another high-quality video cover of an English song. This time around, they performed a cover of One Direction’s popular hit “What Makes You Beautiful”.

Throughout the music video, I was very impressed by the boys’ English pronunciation. Of course you can hear their Korean accent as they’re singing throughout the song, but even so, their grasp of the English language is very impressive.

I also enjoy how their covers of these songs aren’t just them in a studio singing, but an actual music video. They put in a lot of hard work in their music, which to me, is also very impressive.

Throughout the entire music video, the boys are very cheerful and playful. One part of the music video that I was very shocked by came around the 2:20 mark when E.Den begins singing. His deep voice was a huge surprise, but a very pleasant one at that.

LC9 performs an HQ cover of One Directions What Makes You Beautiful

With LC9’s cover of “What Makes You Beautiful”, we get to see the cute side of LC9 compared to the violent, bad boy side they frequently show us. It’s a nice change of pace, and a nice form of fan service.

Of course, by covering a very popular song like One Direction’s, LC9 has come under fire by those crazy “Directioner” fans who seem offended that a Korean boy band “intruded” onto their territory. Why they’re offended by LC9 is beyond comprehension, but LC9’s loyal fans are already on the job and defending the boys from the negativity that’s happening on their official channel.

For someone to cover another group or singer’s song, it should be an honor rather than an insult, but not everyone sees it that way. Hopefully LC9 doesn’t see any of the negative comments because I would hate for them to be discouraged from making any more covers of popular English songs.

Be sure to check out LC9’s cover below. It’s a must-watch video.

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