LC9’s AO tweets in celebration of LC9’s 100-day anniversary

It’s been 100 days since Nega Network’s LC9 (League of Competition #9) made their debut into the K-Pop industry. LC9’s AO was in complete awe and disbelief. He took to his Twitter account and counted down the minutes until LC9’s 100 days in the K-Pop industry became official. He stated,

“Today is LC9’s 100 days!!! Thank you for all the congratulations and now 8 minutes left? Only 7 minutes remaining so don’t forget this special day!! Congratulations on 100 days LC9 heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.”

LC9's AO tweet in celebration of their 100 days as artists

The boys of LC9 have a whole lot of reasons to celebrate. Even though they’re just a rookie group, they’ve already broken huge ground in the K-Pop industry. Despite K-Pop netizen’s previously negative feelings towards the group prior to their debut, LC9 pulled through and managed to successfully gain many followers.

All of the members of LC9 must be in high spirits now, and Nega Network is probably planning a huge party for them to congratulate them on their longevity.


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