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LC9’s E.Den joins the Instagram craze

Update: It looks like he changed the spelling of his name back to Jaedyn Park! His new Instagram account is Jaedyn0304.

LC9’s E.Den is the latest Kpop artist to join the Instagram craze. He recently opened up an account and tweeted his 30,000+ Twitter followers to add him.

His first piece of content isn’t a selca or anything, but rather a video of the boys of LC9 playing with a remote-controlled car. They have dubbed it the LC Car.

One thing I noticed about E.Den’s account is that he spells his real name “Jaden”… while we all thought that it was spelled Jaedyn. So my mind was a bit blown there.

LC9's Eden joins the Instagram craze


Maybe it’s the same case with NU’EST’s Aron, where the Koreans got confused by the spelling of his name, so he changed to it make it more understandable.

Maybe the name “Jaedyn Park” was already taken? Who knows.

Whatever the case may be, you can follow E.Den’s Instagram account here! It’s still relatively new, but I’m guessing by the end of the day, it’ll be filled with pictures and videos (one can hope).

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