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LC9’s E.DEN will be the special MC for Arirang TV’s “Pop in Seoul”

LC9’s E.DEN is currently preparing for a special role! He has just been offered the opportunity to MC for Arirang TV’s “Pops in Seoul” Pop Countdown this Friday. Arirang’s “Pops In Seoul” is a popular music program that plays the latest K-Pop songs to the international masses. The show has been going on for 15 years already, and its main goal is to bring the joys of K-Pop overseas. It’s an essential part of the Hallyu Wave.

Arirang TV informed K-Pop fans of LC9’s E.DEN’s special role through Twitter earlier. First, Arirang teased its followers with this message,

“anyone who curious about the new partner on Fridays? 누가 금요일 꽁트콤비가 될지 궁금한 분들 없..어요? 힌트도 줄건뎅..☞☜ *hint:>>”

Arirang then waited for fans to guess who the “new partner” is, which didn’t take too long at all.

LC9's EDEN to special MC for Arirang TV's Pops In Seoul

LC9’s E.DEN can breathe easy though because Arirang won’t be throwing him on “Pops In Seoul” by himself. E.DEN will be joined by senior K-Pop idol Lim from Wonder Girls, who will assist him in putting on a good show.

Be sure to tune into “Pops in Seoul” this Friday to see E.DEN in action. His entire segment will surround the “Hot 20 Playlist”, where Arirang airs the music videos for the top 20 hottest K-Pop songs currently in Korea.

The first portion will show music videos ranked #20 to #11, the second portion will show videos ranked #10 to #6, and the final segment, called the Smash Hit 5, will show off the 5 most popular songs currently in Korea, which will probably include EXO’s Growl, f(x)’s Rum Pum Pum Pum, 2NE1’s Do You Love Me, and Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar.

In related news, today and tomprrow, EXO’s Kris will be the special MC for Arirang’s Simply Kpop! So be on the lookout for him as well.

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