Lee Soo Man goes on a selca spree with EXO-M!

After the SM-Baidu Press Conference, SM founder Lee Soo Man took the boys of EXO-M out to eat!

The boys had a fancy-schmancy dinner filled with delicious wine and rich seafood.

There were even waiters wear bowties.

While having their dinner, Lee Soo Man went around and took selcas with the EXO-M members.

Lee Soo Man goes on a selca spree with EXO-M 1

Now, we all know the rumors that go around saying Lee Soo Man is a terrible person and all, but from these pictures, as well as all of the other pictures of Lee Soo Man around, he seems like a fantastic boss!

He’s always so happy and cheerful, and every idol team under his company always has praise for him.

It’s also why he’s Lay’s role model.

Lee Soo Man goes on a selca spree with EXO-M

Now we know that he receives most of his hate due to what happened with DBSK, but the entire thing wasn’t all his fault.

It was mainly the fault of the old CEO and his slave contracts, but that guy has been let go a long time ago.

Lee Soo Man goes on a selca spree with EXO-M 2

We’re glad that the members of EXO-M are so close to Lee Soo Man, and it looks like Lay has finally realized his dream of having dinner with his “idol”.

Tao labeled his selca, “Love Love Love boss~^_^사랑해용~ 我爱您^_^”.

And before we end this post, here’s a picture of Lee Soo Man rocking it out at a concert with EXO’s D.O!

Lee Soo Man and D.O

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