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Let’s help clear up negative search results surrounding EXO


So some absolutely disgusting anti-EXO fans/pro-Kris-secession fans have polluted Chinese search engines with negative results about EXO.

They’ve been spamming the search engines with trash, so now things like:

Chanyeol sexually violating niece for 7 years” or “Sehun doing drugs” or “Yixing backstabbing Kris” are some of the top search results.

There are many other negative search results that are similar. You can imagine how disappointing this must be to the EXO members.

So we, as true EXOtics, will help EXO by replacing these negative, trashy search results with more positive, uplifting search results.

Let's help clear up negative search results surround EXO-M

Here’s a tutorial on how do that, translated by LuhanQT

Please help clean the search results for EXO members ^^ Just click the links and hit the search button (搜索). PART 1

鹿晗公益【】鹿晗足球【】鹿晗正能量【】 鹿晗足球 【 】 鹿晗电影【 】鹿晗领舞主唱【 】

鹿晗 2鹿晗公益 3鹿晗cut 4鹿晗足球鹿晗电影 6鹿晗机场保护粉丝

鹿晗鹿晗公益鹿晗电影鹿晗足球鹿晗保护粉丝鹿晗歌舞全能 7鹿晗剧情版

1鹿晗 2鹿晗足球 3鹿晗剧情版 4鹿晗cut 5鹿晗唱歌 6鹿晗跳舞

1鹿晗 2鹿晗cut 3鹿晗综艺 4鹿晗足球 5鹿晗唱歌 6鹿晗机场 7鹿晗偶像运动会

Suho:】队长【】配音【】电视剧【】DR.SUHO 【】金俊勉0522生日快乐【

【 】 吴世勋公益【 】 吴世勋舞蹈【 】 吴世勋暖男【 】 吴世勋ins【 】


朴灿烈大暖男 朴灿烈rap 朴灿烈丛林法则 朴灿烈吉他 朴灿烈正能量 朴灿烈Roommate 朴灿烈综艺

单搜 舞蹈 cut 图片 正能量 钢琴 吉他 生日留言 微博原创


Chanyeol (Tudou): 快乐大本营 吉他 丛林法则 机场 Rap roommate 综艺

【篮球】【暖男】【跳水】【rap】【武术】【正能量】 【孝顺】 【 男神】 【 全能】

金钟仁芭蕾舞 金钟仁下定决心的一万小时 金钟仁跳舞机器金钟仁炸鸡金钟仁公益金钟仁萌古金钟仁语录金钟仁电台

【XIUMIN只是你不在】【秀珉MV】【金珉硕 生日公益】【金珉硕 大哥】【金珉硕 童颜【XIUMIN成熟美】【XIUMIN摩卡面包】【XIUMIN减肥】【XIUMIN足球

打歌:【】主唱:【】猫咪嘴:【 睫毛:】金钟大单名:【】CHEN:【】0921生日:【】【呼吸

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  2. exo_obsessed says

    how can people be so negative and bad towards someone they don’t even know about!! this is terrible!

    can someone tell me what I have to do after clicking on the link? :s

    1. Maijun Jamdee says

      You just click and click and click… they are all good searches about EXO and not those negative ones. When you click on them, they automatically count it as a search. The more clicks, the more likely the negative ones will dissapear from the top search results.

      Did that make sense? >.<

      1. exo_obsessed says

        ohh now I get it!!
        and yes it did make sense…thanks!!

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