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Luhan to be absent from TLP Thailand due to health issues

EXO-M’s Luhan has just let fans know that he won’t be present for EXO’s Lost Planet concert in Thailand.

Due to some increasing health issues spawned by his exhaustion, he will be absent from the concert so that he can rest up and recover; doctor’s orders.

Luhan wrote on his Weibo account that he has been getting a lot of headaches and been feeling dizzy often due to his lack of rest.

But while Luhan will not be attending the Thailand leg of EXO’s The Lost Planet concert tour, he hopes that he can recover in time for the Beijing leg of the tour.

EXO Luhan to be absent from The Lost Planet Thailand due to health issues

Here is Luhan’s Weibo message:

I’m sorry to all of my fans in Thailand. Due to overworking and exhaustion, I have been continually getting headaches and have been unable to sleep due to dizziness, so the doctor told me to rest for a while. I will not be able to attend The Lost Planet in Thailand. I’m really sorry. I thought I could go through the entire schedule and give you the best performance, but it’s impossible now. I hope that I will recover soon and in time to participate in the Beijing concert. I hope everyone does not worry about me.

We hope Luhan gets well soon! Overworking and exhaustion seems to be a common occurrence in the K-Pop industry and we hope that it changes soon. EXO needs their rest.

  1. ShyQuietGirl says

    Poor Luhan TT But I am glad he can actually rest!

  2. […] Entertainment stated that Luhan is still suffering from the same health issues that prevented him from attending EXO’s Lost Planet in Thailand concerts, so Luhan will be holding off on his activities for now to rest […]

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